alphabetical glossary

bid: declaration of intention through sign (rise of hand) with number for bidding, legally binding
price and number for bidding is mentioned
catalogue: also 'leaflet' or 'list',
only available via web;
possible supplements and modifications of catalogue put up
catalogue (after auction sale): list of items not sold,
in the web on the following working day
cheque confirmation (follow link; please use this form!)
collection certificate: pink sheet, authority for collection and certificate of payment
to be handed over (signed) at collection
condition: "knockdown under condition" is binding for the bidder and can occur because of:
1. property
relations not being solved yet
2. bid under the
set price
case 1: you will get informed about whether property could be achieved or not;
case 2: the auctioneer has one week to get higher bids; you wil get informed about the negotiations
conditions of auction sale (follow link)
dismantling: on own organization and responsibility (sale undismantled from location)
partly forklift or the like available
partly company for dismantling, transportation on-site (see front page)
insolvency: formerly called bankruptcy
procedure of gaining assets for creditors
knockdown: is made with "zum Dritten" ('to the third') with naming price and number for bidding,
legally binding acquisition of property
loss of certain objects: through theft or disposal of administrator of insolvency
(no pre-auction sale!)
lot: object or unity of items to be auctioned (see description in catalogue)
minimum bid: starting price of bidding procedure
number for bidding: available at cash desk through registration
(please don't lose!)
number of lot: see red sticker;
auction in order of catalogue
other sale: sale with fixed prices
place of auction: normally on site of plant, seldom in public houses or the like,
see advertisement / front page
pre-auction sale: not possible!
not even via web!
premium: commission of auctioneer, at 15 %
(not included in price!)
VAT: currently at 19 %
shown on invoice, returned by exportation out of the EU

not included in price!
visit: space of time (minimum: 2 hours) before auction for inspection of lots (ends with opening of auction)
use hours of visit!
written bid: bid(s) in absence of bidder:
representation through auctioneer,
information if knockdown
(bids via fax only until day preceding auction)



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